Friday, December 24, 2004


Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a verry happy new year. Here's also sending out my hearty congratlations to everyone who got an Admit. BritChick, Classy, Riter, DaRaverLA and the whole gang. What more can you ask santa for?

At my end, I'm kinda mentally gearing up to take the GMAT again. Haven't fixed a date yet and will probably spread my preparation out over a number of months. Might take it in August of 05 just in time for the R1 ramp up.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


A truly touching story.See what 3$ can do to the life of a child in India. FYI T Nagar is a place in Chennai, INDIA.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Congrats DM on the CBS Admit!

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Just gave my GMAT a couple of days ago. what happened? Nothing great. Scored a measely 650. The quant was surprising easy but I bombed big time on the verbal. I'm glad I started out on the b school journey this early. Atleast now I'll have ample time to test again sometime next year.

People I've talked to say that it isn't possible to boost your verbal score in a month's time and so I shouldn't think of re taking the test in Dec'04 or Jan'05. Any ideas? I was quite nervous about the math section before the test. I really wasn't that concerned about the verbal section. I was getting kinda worried about wierd ppblty and combinatorics questions that were getting "brain dumped" on some of the forums.

Well, that's that. Sulked for a while but then got over it. Dave, my heart goes out to you for your second attempt. Gosh I can't even think of touching my books for a while. Will have to start soon though. I need a score of 700 if I want to stand a good chance. At the very least, I can say that I gave this attempt my best shot. Maybe that best shot wasn't good enough but nevertheless, have to get down to preparing for the next attempt.

If anyone would like a perspective on what it means to be a woman and live/approach the MBA process, read this. Hats off to you Classy. Great post!.


Monday, November 01, 2004

Day23 leading up to G Day 

Am kinda pleased with my prep today. Managed to get my hands on the Kaplan 2005 CD today. Gave to diagnostic and got a 620. I've also been working thorugh the OG. Did 50Qs from Quant, 50Qs in SC and 50Qs in CR. Have also worked through section tests in the Kap CD for DS and CR. I've also reviewed my co-ordinate geometry. I need to work on Inequalities and number properties a little more carefully. I noticed that I got questions wrong either because of a careless mistake or because I hadn't worked through all the possible ways of solving a DS question. I hope to overcome this by doing a lot of DS questions over the next few days. I hope that'll be enough to teach me the most common tricks employed by the ETS.

Dave thanks for putting up the answer templates to the OG. The templates are helping me categorize my mistakes systematically.Am making a note of where I'm going wrong and am doing reviews everyday.

What I'm really afraid of on G day are questions from the moon on Probability and Combinatorics. I'm contemplating studying the basics of these topics and getting my proficiency upto a medium difficulty level as opposed to going all out on these topics. Afterall, the verbal section decides your GMAT score, so would like to take as many verbal section tests as possible and work on improving my accuracy on the RCs. What do you think?

On the work front I'm on the beach from tomorrow. Hope this will go on till G day ;).


Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hi All, sorry for the long absence. Since I've started out on my new project I've been swamped with loads of work. The experience was great and I've managed to learn a lot, both from a managerial perspective and a technical perspective. From a managerial perspective I was given the opportunity to play the role of a team lead. This was something I was expecting as an outcome of this project and I'm glad it worked out fine. Something more to add to my MBA resume next year.

On the GMAT front, my progress has been all but good. I'm planning on taking 2 weeks off from work and concentrating on my GMAT to gain the lost momentum. My GMAT is on the 24th of next month. One fine day I rang the testing center for the earliest available date and was allotted the 24th. I've been taking mock tests using 800 score and from the kaplan 2003 CD. The Kaplan scores are nothing great to report as are the 800 scores. I just took a test today ( 800 score ) and here are the scores:

Math : 85%

On the math section, I'm finding probability and combinatorics dense. On the verbal section, the RCs seem to be really tough. I'm working on the OG and want to complete it from cover to cover before taking the test. I'm also looking at taking atleast 8-10 tests before G day. 4 weeks of preparation doesn't seem like much but I've been procrastinating this and have decided to give it my best shot. Writing it again is not an option but I will have ample time if I want to improve my scores.

Honestly, all I want out of this attempt is a 700. Anything more will be more than welcome :). Wish me luck ppl!.

Tuck, Wharton and Stanford were in town last month and I missed all of their information sessions because of work! :(...Managed to hook up with a few friends who attended the sessions. Didn't seem like I missed much though :)..

Anyways will post more as things develop. Take care you guys and here's wishing all the 07 applicants all the best. Some of you are waiting for your interview invites etc. Do let us all know your experiences. Classy, thanks for telling us aboutfor your Michigan interview experience. All the best with your research Dave and with your interview invite Britchick.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

Exclusivity Kills The CAT 

Throughout the MBA research process I've read about GMAT Quant score being sky high esp. when it comes to the Indians and the Chinese. Between the 2 scores, there is a clear Quant skew among these applicants. Thought that a 750+ from an Indian/Chinese ups the competitive pool? Now read this.Its an article that talks about the competitiveness amongst the pool of applicants that apply to the IIMs in India each year.

Executive Summary: Only 0.25% of the entire applicant population makes it past the written test. Talk about competition! :)

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